The 1800 specialists

We are UK based enthusiasts who aim to provide top condition examples of the Volvo 1800S range. High specification cars built to order or let us look after your 1800 from service work to minor bodywork to full on restoration.

Currently in the workshop we have three 1800's in for winter service/works plus the LHD 61 Jensen P1800 (chassis number 1533) at fit up stage and at the body shop the white 1965 1800S. See Restoration Photos page for progress.

See Cars for Sale page for a nice useable red 1800S.

Volvo 1800 sports snapshot:

The Volvo P1800 model was first built in 1961 by Jensen Cars with a production run up to chassis 6000, assembly was then switched to Sweden. The Saint really made the 1800S popular, with three models used for the 60's TV show using white cars with red and later black interiors. The final variant was the fuel injected 1800E plus the shooting brake style 1800ES built from 1971 up until 1973.