The 1962 Jensen P1800 restoration: soundproofing and Waxoil protection added.

Brake lines and new wiring loom have now been fitted.

Engine and gearbox fitted to the crossmember then lifted into place.

Plenty of soundproofing fitted prior to the carpets going in.

Always nice to get the chrome going on to keep momentum on the build!

Sitting on its refurbished wheels, Jensen wheels were silver with the first Swedish cars switching to body colour for the finish.

The doors are very time consuming to make sure everything lines up and they close nicely.

The Jensen sidelights really go well on this colour car

Engine has been run on a test rig and aiming to have car running next week.

Just got back from its first test drive for a good few years

Underside looking sharp

Refurbished Jensen wheel trims fitted.

The 1971 1800E now back from the paint shop for fit up

Newly chromed bumpers being fitted

New rear lights fitted as originals had pitting present.

New splashguards fitted under the front wings


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