The left hand drive 1800E back from the bodyshop after final polishing

Now for fit up :)

Back lights and badges first

New tan interior going in to the blue 1967 1800S

Looking good, just the overmats to go, leather and carpets from Richard Felton at Specialist Upholstery :) 

Grey carpets and tan leather go really well

Bumpers off the gold 1800E and then off for bodywork

Great panel gaps on this unmolested 77000 mile car

Lovely 1969 2 litre 1800S in for power steering and other jobs, love the green with tan S!

1971 1800E being flatted and polished, back in for fit up next week

1971 1800E on the final paintwork phase

Due back for fit up in two weeks time

1967 1800S back from the paintshop, retrim in tan next job 

1968 1800S in for a service 

1971 1800E being prepared for lower bodywork and new seats

1962 P1800 in final bodywork stages.

It's not been easy with this one as a lot of Jensen anomolies with the panels.

1971 1800E early bodywork stages.

1971 1800E early bodywork stages.

1971 1800E early bodywork stages.

1967 1800S just in for assembly with all new or refurbished components. 

Suspension and drivetrain going in first

Underside finish is perfect

Back axle going in 


Brake pipes, servo and master cylinders going in

Engine put onto crossmember and body dropped onto the assembly

Looking good :)

On slave wheels to check ride height. 

1967 1800S being readied for sale with works to brakes, interior trim, new rear tyres, hubcaps and wheeltrims, carb tuning plus oil and filter change. Extended road tests next week :)

Car now sold and to have power steering and a new tan interior fitted.

Back on to the 1963 P1800S, clutch and braking system bled up, loan seat fitted and a short test drive on the farm...

underside looking good :)


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