Off to the trimmers next, the 1800S retrorod/restomod/showcar (all of them really!) getting closer to the road.....

Being prepared for sale for September, this very original 77000 mile one family owned (pre me) gold 1971 1800E. Lower bodywork and paint plus new front seats to be attended to over the next month. Upper paintwork to be left as is, aiming for a good useable take anywhere reliable classic coupe.


Just bought a job lot of new 1800E parts including this as new crossmember. Contact me if interested in having the unit set up with new suspension, wishbones, discs etc.

Also available to order a fully restored 1800E right hand drive dashboard complete with new upper and lower pads and a full set of reconditioned/restored instruments

Other parts available including body panels, a new stainless exhaust system, reconditioned steering box, rebuilt engine, gearboxes, overdrive units, new wiring loom plus much much more. See Parts for Sale page.



Gilbert's 1800S that we dechromed and painted last year has now arrived in Hong Kong...



Very excited to see that John Pearson's P1800 has now been out on track for testing, looking forward to seeing this at Goodwood!


More images on the Articles page

WANTED: 1800S or 1800E

Always looking for good cars to sell on commission or outright purchase


Service and recommission

Full restoration

Interior trimwork

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