Currently fitting up a fully restored 1963 early Swedish car that will be finished for spring 2022 (early enquiries welcome). More photos on Workshop Page.

Just sold a fully restored white with red 1967 1800S.

Always looking for good cars to sell on commission or outright purchase

John Pearson's P1800 race car is getting closer to the track!  See 1800 Articles page for more stunning images......

 The 1967 1800S back from its custom air conditioning installation (see Classic Retrofit for details as the best system I have seen, blows very cold and no engine power loss due to an electric compressor). It's been with us for 6 months, been deseamed, matt black primed for wrapping then painted silver, had power steering, an alternator upgrade with the AC above, new black leather front seats and now ready for shipping to it's new owner in Hong's been a pleasure!

Got another classic in the family see our other side of the business

Service and recommission

Full restoration

Interior trimwork

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