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1971 1800E

Custom 1800E booked in for a retrim for the start of next year

1971 1800E

In its new paint and being cut back and polished.

1971 1800E

At the bodyshop for lower metalwork and sympathetic paintwork.


1963 P1800S

The 1963 early Swedish built car coming along nicely with final chrome fitted and close to road tests. Was an overseas delivery car hence the 68 plate.

1967 1800S

Just bought a 1967 S for 2024, white with black interior fitted with period sunroof.

1969 1800S

Rare 2 litre model now finished in its new grey paintjob and being fitted up

WANTED: 1800S or 1800E

Always looking for good cars to sell on commission or outright purchase


Service and recommission

Full restoration

Interior trimwork

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