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1969 1800S

Booked in for a full restoration this 2 litre 1800S. To be returned to its grey with red colour scheme

1967 1800S

Back with us after the NEC Classic Car show, the restomod 1800S for finishing

1962 P1800

Just in from Finland, a Jensen built RHD white with red car that has been in a museum for years. In for recommission and UK registration plus a set of Jensen wheeltrims

1971 1800E

At the bodyshop for lower metalwork and sympathetic paintwork

1963 P1800S

The 1963 early Swedish built car at the paintshop after some additional metalwork

Jensen P1800 Racecar

John Pearson's stunning racecar is getting more and more testing under it's belt

WANTED: 1800S or 1800E

Always looking for good cars to sell on commission or outright purchase


Service and recommission

Full restoration

Interior trimwork

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