A very early Swedish built P1800 in for re gapping and a new paintjob

Painted and ready for assembly

Black with red interior looks fantastic!

Grill to be fitted and then off to its owner

A 1973 1800ES in for full body restoration plus new seats

Glass out and all trim removed before going into the bodyshop

It needed a lot more work than expected with new rear wings and inner panels being replaced

A replacement bonnet was fitted and the shell bare metalled.

Epoxy primer coat

Body colour stages

Final flat and polish and then the fit up can begin :)

One of our favourite 1800s, Rod's 1965 S in for new front wings and front panel and paintwork to match.

A 1963 P1800S in for full body rebuild and to be ready for 2020 season as a historic series race car, excited!

Fully stripped and going off to Envirostrip, expected back for Christmas.

Shell now back from Envirostrip and off for bodywork

Shell metal work completed and roll cage fitted

Roll cage painted body colour prior to priming the body.

Epoxy primer coat

A 1973 1800ES for injection checkover and a power steering conversion

A 1968 Californian import car in for new dashboard and recommission works

This is very solid rust free example

A 1965 1800S for bodywork and repaint.

Most of the brightwork will be just cleaned up and put back on with new gaskets where required. The owner has decided on a cowhorm bumper conversion front and rear.

All paint removed prior to metalwork being attended to.

The panels also being stripped and will be rehung for gapping.

A new rear panel has been fitted.

Shell painted in original Saint white

Panels to go on next

Getting there with both doors to be assembled prior to fitting to the body

Early style cowhorn bumpers look great!

A 1966 1800S in for final assembly after a full body restoration

White with black interior as per factory specification

Finished and out on a test drive pre customer collection just in time for Christmas

A 1970 1800E in for a service and electric power steering system

A 1968 1800S for lower bodywork repairs and a repaint

Car will be stripped down this week

Paint being stripped by hand

Sill areas not too bad on this car

A lot of rust around the sidelights

Before and after.....

Repaired and ready for shaping

Now painted and ready for fit up

Chrome work being fitted

A new set of rear bumpers were fitted...

plus a couple of side section trims

Nearly there

A 1968 1800S over from Switzerland for an engine rebuild and other works.

A LHD 1800E for an engine rebuild and new interior.

Love the ATS alloys that the owner had bought for the car.

Engine ready to be stripped down.

Rebuilt engine back in and air conditioning kit fitted

Ready for customer collection

Another 1962 Jensen P1800 restoration: this car was delivered new to Hong Kong

A true one owner car from new! It is going to be stripped down this month for an Evirostrip body treatment in July.

A true one owner car from new! It is going to be stripped down this month for an Evirostrip body treatment in July. Stripdown images below.

Back from dipping and in its red oxide primer

Next step: new metalwork to be let in where required.

new rear wings needed

Panels from Brookhouse, its not that cost effective anymore to patch repair these areas

All inner rear panels replaced....

followed by the rear panel

Offside nearly there with the nearside sill to be finished off

Metalwork finished and getting close to base priming and shaping.

Expected into paint end of June 2019

Back from paint and final fit up stages (progress shots below)

Pre delivery shake down trips, town...

and country........

A 1968 1800S that has come in to us for final assembly after its body rebuild and paint job.

All new chrome fitted

On the final stages with engine run up for the first time

Road tests and shakedown, always things to do after a lengthy rebuild!

Ready for customer collection

The 1962 Jensen P1800 restoration: soundproofing and Waxoil protection added.

Brake lines and new wiring loom have now been fitted.

Engine and gearbox fitted to the crossmember then lifted into place.

Plenty of soundproofing fitted prior to the carpets going in.

Always nice to get the chrome going on to keep momentum on the build!

Sitting on its refurbished wheels, Jensen wheels were silver with the first Swedish cars switching to body colour for the finish.

The doors are very time consuming to make sure everything lines up and they close nicely.

The Jensen sidelights really go well on this colour car

Engine has been run on a test rig and aiming to have car running next week.

Just got back from its first test drive for a good few years

Underside looking sharp

Refurbished Jensen wheel trims fitted.

Ready for customer collection

The 1971 1800E now back from the paint shop for fit up

Newly chromed bumpers being fitted

New rear lights fitted as originals had pitting present.

New splashguards fitted under the front wings

Screens back in

Customer collection, the wheels do look good when restored


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