Current works

1969 1800S just in for fit up, code 99 blue

1969 1800S in road test phase pre wire wheel fitment

1969 1800S with engine bay fit up, refurbished carbs look fantastic

1971 1800E being set up with new suspension

On with the 1971 1800E with engine bay fit up

New wiring and dashboard going in

Gold 1971 1800E at the bodyshop and should be in paint by the end of April

Into the booth

Epoxy primer stage

Pre paint primer stage

Its going to look stunning

1971 1800E back from the painshop for fit up

New stainless steel side trims first job, really setting off the colour! 

Screens back in today

Ready to use and up for sale in June (see Sale page)

1971 1800E in for a retrim and upgraded dashboard, love the colour! Code 104 turquoise 

Dashboard check pre strip down

This one has power steering fitted so quite busy at the bulkhead

New black interior going in

Standard timber finish E dashboard sections stripped and painted black

Refurbished clocks with silver bezels looking good against the black background

The Nardi wheel sets off well with the custom dashboard

1969 1800S with its new red interior going in

Leather front and rear seats looking good :)

Off to the paintshop for a final polish and then back to us for final fit up 

1962 Jensen P1800 in for new wiring loom before going back to the owner for fit up after a lengthy rebuild

1971 1800E in fit up stage

1971 1800E chromework going back on

Trial fit of spotlights to work out the best size


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