Two very nice 1800's in for service works: a metallic blue late 1969 car and a red 1968 car.

A 1972 ES in for a service and injection system checkover before it goes off to New Zealand.

A 1971 1800E for metalwork and a repaint to original metallic blue.

Although a very solid car it still needed loweer sections cut out with new metal let in.

Including new inner and outer lower rear panels

Metalwork finished and off to the paint shop

We ended up bare metalling the car as the old paint was very porous.

High build primer coats rubbed down ready for base colour to be applied.

A 1962 Jensen P1800 for full nut and bolt restoration with completion planned for Summer 2018. It will be finished in white (code 69) with red interior.

A mixture of new and good second hand panels used in the body rebuild.

Shell on its way to being ready for paint 

Final guide primer to the front and then off to the paintshop

Floors were very solid and only needed minor repairs

At the paintshop going through the various phases of shaping filler, primer coats and final code 69 paint finish 

An 1800ES for floor and chassis welding prior to being painted by the owner.

The owner has asked us to get the injection system overhauled and the automatic gearbox checked out to ensure that the car is ready for fit up after its paint job.

Christian's 1963 Jensen P1800 in for some bodywork, suspension issues and electronic ignition

A lot of the interior had to come out to safely weld in new metal to the front floor section.

Ben's 1963 P1800S in for minor works and service ready for the Spring

The white 1966 1800S previously owned by the Volvo Owners Club 1800 Registrar Gordon Hunter being readied for its new owner after having some bodywork attended to

The pale green 1967 1800S in for engine works and repaint of the engine bay and crossmember. Love this colour!

Inner wings at bulkhead were badly corroded and new metal had to be let in

Steering column to be painted and wiring to be tidied up before engine and gearbox can go back in

New crank seal and sump gasket fitted before painting in Volvo red

Engine back in place and with the Mikuni carbs set up it will be ready for customer collection.

A 1966 1800S in for engine rebuild and recommission

It has a period Ruddspeed engine that is down on compression

Full strip down ready for deep clean and paint of block and measurement of crank etc.

Engine rebuilt with new pistons and camshaft etc and fitted. After a long period in storage the car will be MOT'd and used for a while prior to collection by its owner

This car is in really good original condition and one of my favorite colour schemes.

A 1971 1800E in for works to the floorpan and retrim.

This 1800E was brought in from Japan by a previous owner and is in very good original condition

A 1967 1800S in for rear disc brake conversion

Some fabrication of bracketry required to use the original handbrake cables

Looks great with the wire wheels

We are restoring the ex Wheeler Dealer 1968 1800S, new three part sills are required together with works to the inner front wings.

All external trim and glass to be taken out before panel works start

Engine, gearbox and suframe to be taken out next

A lot of poor repairs and rust had to be cut out

New air guide panels let in

Plus lower front panel, inner wing sections and the readiator support panels

These bodyshells are quite complicated in construction and do suffer from rust

Inner sills were especially poor, both sides to be replaced

New sills, rear wing sections, air guide panels and numerous chassis sections were fitted.

Nearly ready to go to the paintshop

Primer stages

In top coat

Flat and polish to go

Waxoyl and soundproofing first part of the fit up

Aiming to have car ready for the owner by the end of September

The sides to have more flatting and polishing prior to the side trims going on

Original interior refitted but with new pile carpets to finish off.

Back from the paintshop with its original side trims refitted and newly chromed bumpers.

Going through final checkover stages and a few miles on the clock before collection by its owner for a wedding in October.

A 1971 1800E LHD car in for paintwork and assembly.

Fit up begins with suspension, braking system and wheels

Engine and drivetrain installed and screens fitted. Door works and the interior next

Back to the paintshop for some final polishing

Side trims fitted and going back to the owner for a while so that he can fit the interior

Back with us for final fitting up with the priority on getting the car running and ready for an MOT

Getting close to its first road test after two years off the road.

Now MOT'd and taxed and ready for the road

A 1967 1800S in for full restoration.

Primer stages

Primer stages

Getting ready for colour coats

Finished in Volvo red 046

Doors, bonnet and boot to be fitted next

Doors and bootlid fitted, engine bay next with brake pipes first. We are going to put the engine and gearbox on the crossmember and lower the body over it.

Fitting the engine and gearbox

Fitting the fuel flap cover and bonnet to go on next.

Sitting on its refurbished wheels

Up on the ramp for exhaust fitting etc

Underside to be blacked pre collection

Car now running and interior and glass to go in next.

Getting car ready for its MOT after 20 years off the road!

On one of its shake down runs with another stunning red 1800S

Ready for delivery

Less than 50000 miles on this car and drives very nicely

A 1968 1800S in for minor welding and repaint.

Final primer coat

Final primer coat

Sitting on a set of slave wheels as originals are to go for refurbishment

Fitting up stages

Nearly ready for its refurbished wheels


1968 1800S for retrim, some frontal paintwork and refurbished wheels

A 1967 1800S in for minor welding, engine works and a conversion to wire wheels

Wire wheels available in stainless steel, painted or chrome finish


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