Parts for sale 



Girling MK2a servo, rebuilt and restored by Past Parts £400 (no exchange required). 



M410 gearbox (rebuilt) complete with bell housing £1200. M410 very rare. SOLD



M41 gearbox (rebuilt) complete with bell housing £900. SOLD



J type overdrive unit (rebuilt by ORS) £700. ORS cost is £850 exchange per unit. 

M410 adaptor plate not included but is available for £100



Set of 4 GT Wheels by MAG (Princess Anne style) for the 1800S, very rare and in great condition. No kerbing but slightly oxidised. No centre caps but can be bought on eBay. All nuts present but need plating. 4 nut washers missing.  15" x 6J. I have a set on my 1800E (see images). £500. SOLD

Set of 5 wide steel wheels for the 1800E, new (108 PCD, 15 x 5 1/2J) £350 SOLD

Used 1800S wheels set 1 £40 


New old stock rear floor panel £100 SOLD

New old stock rear floor panels SOLD

New old stock handbrake mech panels SKANDIX 1049032 £20 each


New old stock air guide centre panel E £50 

Air guide for S SOLD

Fuel filler panel £60

Very solid 


Early type fully refurbished crossmember £250 


Pair of early style (Jensen, early Swedish up to chassis 10000) front seats in red vinyl £100 SOLD

Plus rear trim section that goes above the hatbox opening (rare) £100

See pics below


Early P1800 interior parts: rear hatbox section, pair of rear cushions, pair of kick panel storage units £50 the lot, collection only. SOLD


Pair of early style Jensen front seat covers white £100 for both seats (cost £390). Code 302/304


As per original in vinyl


Choice of Jensen type scuttle grills from £150

1965 only 1800 alloy grill in very good condition £300 SOLD

Pair of top door trims, chrome on brass for Jensen or early Swedish, rechromed £250 per pair

Rechromed hockey stick door trims £175 each 

Excellent wing spears (very slight marks) £75 each. SOLD

See pics below

Uprated anti roll bars £80 pair 

Comes with brackets

Working temperature gauge for Swedish cars £250 SOLD

Later style newly chromed bumpers, high quality and original restored £195 per corner (3 units left, left hand front and right hand rear only)

Rechromed cowhorn bumper corners right front and left hand rear £190 each

Good steering wheel for late S, E and ES £100

Heater box units complete from £60

Rear screens £100

Red rear seat base £50 

Spare wheel hold down clamp for Jensen P1800, rare, £70

Upgraded P1800 clocks £250

Other gauges available

Volvo dashboard radio blanking plates from £70

Front wing chrome spears from £50 each





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