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I've been looking for my old P1800S that I had in the 80's and its just shown up on the P1800 Gallery!

Now white and needing restoration, if it was still red I would have been tempted to buy it and relive some old memories....

It's 6917 for sure

We had Brian's 1800E in for checkover and some works after he purchased it for rallying with his son, they came 3rd in their first HERO event, love it!

See article https://heroevents.eu/event-schedule/hero-training-academy-novice-event-2021/#jp-carousel-22657

Check out the Cyan P1800, fantastic modernisation of the iconic 1800! Click on photo for link to more information

Great to see progress on the Equipe Classic Racing P1800 owned by John Pearson. Since paintwork and shell assembly by us at the beginning of the year John has been busy with the mechanicals, the attention to detail is phenominal. Can't wait to see this car out on the circuits next year.

Studio shots look fantastic!

Values of our 1800's have been creeping up, great to see this as more and more of them can be restored and cherished. Click on photo for link to article.

Check out the GP Ice Race! Click photo

Early Swedish car in Bridge of Spies film


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