Another red 1800E in for works, a 1971 car on minilites that is being checked over prior to upgrades for rallying.

Monroe shock absorbers and new springs already fitted so not a lot required in the suspension department.

Axle support arms being replaced and fitted with uprated poly bushes.

Very rusty units, we have seen the smaller arms fail under heavy acceleration.

Dark blue 1967 1800S in for some upgrades before going off to its new home in Hong Kong

Side trims being removed for fixing holes to be filled in, this car is going to be wrapped in Hong Kong. 

Bodyshell very solid and rustfree but found the old paint very thick.

Surface has to be smooth for the body wrap.

1970 1800E from South Africa having new brake calipers fitted pre sale

Red with black E's do look good!

1966 1800S in for full body restoration and re paint.

Love these in grey with red!

All chrome trim and lights being removed for bodywork

Screens next and then ready for bodywork

Rear wings off first, its going to need inner arch panels as well.

Front of the car not much better with extensive rust to deal with.

New inner arch panels fitted

Replacement wings always need a bit of adjustment at the trim junction with the rear light.

1969 B20 1800S in for recommissioning works, starting with the brakes. The calipers always tend to seize when kept in long term storage.

Location shot.....

1970 1800E that has been imported from the US and is in for recommissioning works plus UK numberplates

1968 1800S in for new interior and wide steel wheels, ready for sale spring 2021.

New back lights to go on plus the correct square number plate

Navy blue not a factory colour for the 1800 but it does suit it

Race car with mock up stripes

Roll cage painted pre cockpit coatings, technical paintjob this has been!

Shell primer coats going on

Two volvo colours used on this car, looking good with 3 coats of laquer and yet to be flat and polished.

At Race Retro show..

Engine and drivetrain yet to be fitted

Due to be out on the racing circuit at the end of the year

Rob's 1800ES nearly finished

Delivery morning....

Love the colour of this car!

Steven's 1968 S in for final fit up on the left and Ben's 1963 car in for brake servo replacement


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